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Hi, I’m Maren (aka Moini). Welcome to my website!

If you’d like to know a little bit more about me and what I enjoy doing, take a look at these galleries:


This web site does not collect any information about its visitors. It does not use cookies or any other tracking technology. It does also not use any third-party sites to load external assets, like fonts, JavaScript or CSS files.

The only information I will get from you will be what you tell me via messages and comments. This means that I will be very interested to get some feedback from you!

Your email address will not be disclosed, unless you ask me to do so or add it into the body of your comments.

Software used to create this website

This is a static website, which still has some features that are typically associated with dynamic, database-driven sites or external services, thanks to these wonderful free and open source software / free culture projects:

The site itself:

pelican and pelican-plugins, Jinja2, Markdown, Tipue Search, lightbox, python with Pillow and BeautifulSoup, jquery

The system and helper software used for its creation:

Linux Mint, Xfce, Kate, Inkscape, Atom, Gimp, Firefox, Chromium, git

Assets and inspiration:

openclipart, Open Font Library