Inkscape Calendar of the Month: July 2024

Inkscape calendar July 2024: „Sun Wave Rising“ by Rick Johanson (License: CC-By-SA 4.0) – Preview

By the end of each month, download your Inkscape calendar for the following month from, featuring a work of art created by a member of the Inkscape community for the Inkscape About Screen Contest.

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July Calendar

The image „Sun Wave Rising“ was created by Inkscape artist Rick Johanson (License: CC-By-SA 4.0) for the About Screen Contest for Inkscape 1.2.

The artwork shows a curved mesh-like structure, symbolizing the sun and building a bridge to the technical nature of vector art, on a bright-orange gradient background. Summer comes with brightly burning, hot sunshine!

If you are wondering how that mesh structure has been created, continue reading…


Upon inspection of Rick Johanson’s file, I found that it was properly cleaned, as is required for the contest, so there wasn’t any indication about how they achieved the result. The only hint was that the sun’s compound path consisted of 102 subpaths that all were pretty similar to each other, but rotated and bent.


And this is how it can be done with Inkscape:

Step 1: Create your base shape
Base shape

The base shape we need to get that intricate result is surprisingly simple:

Step 2: Add „Rotate Copies“ Live Path Effect
Rotate Copies Path Effect added

Now, one of those ‘wings’ won’t be enough, we need to have more! To get those, we will use a Live Path Effect (short form: „path effect“ or just „LPE“):

Step 3: Add „Envelope Deformation“ Live Path Effect
Envelope Deformation for all four sides

Lastly, we will add some curvature. For this, we can also use a path effect, which we just add on top of the current one:

Now you know how to – more or less faithfully – reproduce the Sun in this month’s calendar – time to come up with your own summer-y ideas! Have fun drawing, and don’t forget to print your July Inkscape calendar page:

Download Calendar page July 2024 A3 (7063x9969px, PNG)

Have a happy month of July, everyone!

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You may share and adapt the contents, as long as you publish the result under the same license and give appropriate credit.

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