Inkscape Calendar of the Month: June 2024

Inkscape calendar June 2024: „Whale“ by hoja01 (License: CC-By-SA 4.0) – Preview

By the end of each month, download your Inkscape calendar for the following month from, featuring a work of art created by a member of the Inkscape community for the Inkscape About Screen Contest.

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June Calendar

The image „Whale“ was created by Inkscape artist hoja01 (License: CC-By-SA 4.0) for the About Screen Contest for Inkscape 1.2.

The work makes use of bold colors and low poly triangles to tell the story of an encounter between a giant blue whale and a tiny red sailboat. Living near Kiel, with the Kieler Woche being an essential part of each June to those around, I thought this would make a fitting subject for the month :-) !

If you’d like try out making your own low poly art, Inkscape has you covered. The extension „Voronoi diagram“ (Extensions ⯈ Generate from Path ⯈ Voronoi diagram ...) provides functionality to generate cell-like shapes (Voronoi) or triangles (Delaunay) from the selected objects.

I like to play with it by drawing a small circle, and then using the Spray Tool to randomly distribute many copies (not clones, picking their color does not work with the extension) of the selected circle. After selecting the randomly placed circles, the extension will create a pattern for me.

Extension settings for creating a cellular Voronoi pattern from selected objects
Extension settings for creating Delaunay triangles from selected objects

If you use the Spray Tool’s automated coloring function (only works when the color of the original is unset), along with the extension’s function to take the color from the selected objects, you can automate the process even more.

Settings for tracing the color under the cursor with the Spray Tool, no overlaps, only spray on non-transparent parts
Result of tracing the color of the flowering field with the Spray Tool, photo opacity reduced for better visibility
Generated a Delaunay triangle pattern from the colored circles, image would have benefitted from more detail, though

However, you can also be intentional about placing the circles, or other objects, and choosing their colors, creating more realistic images semi-automatically.

To remove gaps between the triangles (due to antialiasing), you can either duplicate the result, or you can use Ivan Louette’s „Stitch Together“ filter. Drop the file into your custom filters directory (see Edit ⯈ Preferences ⯈ System for your preferences directory, and create a new directory named ‘filters’ inside that). It will then - after a restart - become available in Filters ⯈ ABCs at the top of the menu.

Antialiasing gaps removed with the „Stitch together“ filter

This ends this month’s mini tutorial, I hope you’ll find it useful.

Print your June Inkscape calendar page:

Download Calendar page June 2024 A3 (7063x9969px, PNG)

Have a happy month of June, everyone!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.
You may share and adapt the contents, as long as you publish the result under the same license and give appropriate credit.

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