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Dusting the Pelican!

Dusting the Pelican

After a few years, my Pelican has become a little dusty. So it needed a bit of a brush-over.

Pelican’ is the name of the blogging software that I’m using. It builds the website on my own computer, as static html pages, incorporating the rules that are set in its (custom) templates and settings, and the articles and images that I write, or that are submitted by users of the Bookart Generator.

When the website files are ready, which usually takes a few minutes for a full rebuild, I sync them to my webserver, and they become available for anyone to read.

The Pelican software that I was using, with all the settings and customizations tailored specifically for this blog, had become quite outdated, and, as also the Python (programming language) that it used had become deprecated, I had to finally start working on the update.

Updating the software

Updating from Python 2.7 to Python 3.8 and from Pelican 3.6.3 to Pelican 4.5.3 meant that I also would have to update my custom plugins. And while I was at it, I’ve also run some (automatic) accessibility tests, and adjusted and polished the web pages in many places.

This means that now features:

Updating the articles

I’ve also resumed updating my website’s articles, so the information in them matches current Inkscape versions.

So far, I’ve reviewed and updated the following articles for the current Inkscape version (for the last few updates, I’ve even been using the development version of Inkscape 1.1, which is due to be released in a few weeks):

To be continued …

Next, I’m going to write a follow-up to the article about installing multiple Inkscape versions on a single computer, which people commonly need for testing the development versions, or when unmaintained third-party extensions become outdated.


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