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Mon 12 April 2021
  Website Update : If you're a regular visitor of this website, you've probably noticed some changes lately. In this post, I'll explain what I've been up to :)
Wed 23 May 2018
  How-to: Prepare a word for book folding with Inkscape : Learn how to easily prepare your word art for book folding with the free vector graphics editor Inkscape.
Thu 01 February 2018
  Making custom book folding patterns becomes easier! : The bookart generation page has received a small update that can greatly simplify your book folding process.
Sun 28 February 2016
  Installing Inkscape devel and stable on Linux side by side : Step-By-Step instructions for installation of development version from ppa using a chroot environment to not mess up your own configuration files.
Sun 28 February 2016
  Snapping Guide for Inkscape 0.91 : Snap settings in Inkscape 0.91 explained in a graphic.
Wed 30 December 2015
  Animated Screencast GIFs: Making-of : This article describes how the animated GIFs demonstrating Inkscape's features which illustrate some of the tutorials have been created. If you know of better ways to do this, please let me know!
Sat 26 December 2015
  Inkscape for Noobs – Part II: Practice : Second, interactive part of an introduction to Inkscape. The Inkscape interface and the most important techniques and tools will be explained.
Fri 25 December 2015
  Inkscape for Noobs – Part I: The Basics : First part of an introduction to Inkscape. It explains what is special about Inkscape, what a vector graphic is, what an SVG is and what purposes you can use Inkscape for.
Thu 10 December 2015
  Creating Book Art : Tutorial for making book sculptures by folding the pages of a book.
Wed 02 December 2015
  Butterfly 3D Paper Picture : A printable template to cut out, fold and frame, featuring several delicate butterflies.